Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I did last week...

I bought this paper 'bloom' from jazz@scrapdelight months ago..i love the pp..thanks jazz

my new MM..

yesterday drop by @SC, konon kan liat2 saja tapinya ada new arrival!! ada MM paper I taking my part as a 'stash collecter'..hahahaha...rite;-)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Poser in d'house..

Just playing around in the house..before sending my gals to ICC for the concert.


Last nite was THE DREAM ASCENDS concert..bash played violin and syasya in the choirs..busy busy busy from noon till late last nite..but its worth it..we all enjoyed it..hope u all enjoy the pics too


happy mother'day to every one..especially to my babu n my mum in laws. Every year my father's birthday fall on mother'sday..11th mei, so selalunya kami adik bradik gathering at my mum's place to celebtate..HAPPY BDAY PA..semoga panjang umur,sihat walafiat dan di murahkan u sooooo a the best father anyone can dad can speak good japanese..we were brought up with japanese song..hahahaha and with japanese friends..till now his good friends are mostly japanese..he loves music that masa kami kanak kanak ..he played piano and let me sing..hahahaha piching ada jua lari..nada dapat masuk AF,most of my sibling can play musical instruments..but not me..but that dad just love music that he plays piano,violin,trumpits..etcs..As for my Babu..she is really a her homecook meals,she can knit,sew and love garderning. She brought us up with lots of kasih sayang and kesabaran..kami semua sayang kita m being so dramatic here..if my kids read this especially Bash..she will say" are so drama queen" as usual..Adam will say"your the best mum".Shasha will say" ooooo you so sweet mum" and lastly baby Rania will tickle my face and say" huuuuu..shantikk". hahaha.that the story for today.

Graduation LO...for nina

As promise..made this LO for my dearest niece..hehehe( yeah..and Prxxx handbag too for her) as a graduation gift..hope u like proud of u..