Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pink and chocolate crop party

I really enjoyed the P&C crop party last monday.Host by jazz..for more details on that day event you can click at sue.I wish I brought my camera with me tapi nya lupa ..iatah baik jua ada tukang gambar.Miss jua nda alin,mac and poinz around that day.Baik jua vivs and zizi ada untuk memeriahkan lagi suasana..hehehe jangan marah ..and to edleen its really fun having you around..maklum lama nda jumpa.oh ya..on that day janiah show us how to tied a ribbon (tq jan) malar ku buat di rumah habis ribbonku keluar..hahaha.bah gtg now..insyaallah see you all soon next year..tfl.


dan HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009..

Last week my parent celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at my brother's house..so much fun and lots of yummy foods..check out this link for more pictures at Qeelz. TFL

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

..Zoo Negara...


...cosmo world..

Cosmo world at Times square in KL....sakit jua kaki jalan2 di playgroung atu...


..Adam,Bash and Syasya been here couple of years ago..this time we didnt..due to long que...nda sanggup..

...aquaria klcc...

mmmm..my kids just enjoying their tour here...baby Rania apa lagi..lalai menyurung strollernya saja..Adam as usual.. full of joy knowing all his favourite fish were there...

Family holiday trip part 1..

Yup...we were in KL on the 26th till 10th Dec 2008. This picture was taken from our apartment balcony. I took it around 3am, since I cant really sleep so mind as well ambik gambar kan..